Black Hat USA 2019

And Black Hat my love is finally over, why I say love because it is an activity that requires a lot of budget, with the support of me as a sponsor for the flight ticket, accommodation and the cost of $ 2400 activity and the budget of close to 30k due to the fact that the dollar is 5.5TL. My first Black Hat USA adventure started on 5 August. With the noon plane (at TR time), we set off towards the Black Hat Conference at the Mandalay Bay hotel, which has become a classic in Las Vegas with THY Los Angeles transfer, because I have been to America twice before, my body is about how it will be biologically and physically. Actually, he was not accustomed. 😊 After flying 13 hours directly from Los Angeles to Istanbul, waiting for 3 hours transfer flight and then completing 50 minutes Vegas flight and trying to avoid jet lag because of 10 hours time difference, the body does not give a little error. 😊

When we landed in the city of Las Vegas, it was around 9 a.m. on August 5th and we transferred directly to the Bellagio Hotel where we stayed. If I need to give some information about Vegas, it is a city where it is very hot and humidity is low due to the desert climate.

It is famous for the Vegas Strip street and has quite flashy hotels and casinos within each hotel. Stay in the hotel or not, you can enter any casino. As I mentioned at the beginning of my writing, I had more experience since I went to America 3rd and Vegas 2nd.

On the morning of August 6, we went to the hotel where the event took place and took care of the registration issues, and when registering, they give you another badge and a plastic card inside the badge, you can read this card at the entrance to the sessions and enter inside. They also offer special tickets for each day so that you can get lunch free for 2 days. You can not enter if you lose. Also, if you lose your badge, you need to pay 2500 dollars to enter the event.

After receiving your card, they give you one Black Hat backpack. This year, they gave them a calendar and a pen with a refrigerator clip. Some Vegas tour after finishing our transactions 😊

(I can’t get into what to do in Vegas, those who are curious can access it privately.)

When the day of the conference comes and goes, they will have breakfast if you are in the hotel between 8–9 in the morning, but I do not recommend you can find yourself in a very crowded environment. And let the event begin…

Note: Use the hotel’s wifi network, it is not recommended to use the Black Hat official wifi network 😊 SSID and password are explicitly shared and do not hack and find yourself on the Dashboard 😊

The rush started after Black Hat started with the keynote session and the opening speech.

With the session agenda provided during registration or with the Black Hat event application that you can download to your mobile phone, you can follow which session in which hall. I was very comfortable with the mobile application because you can choose your favorite sessions and remind you with a notification when the hours are near and you can take notes on the application.

However, if we ignore the boring and unnecessary presentations, the presentations are quite successful.

In parallel, I had difficulty deciding that there were many presentations that attracted my attention. Since most presentations have the presentation file published, I can recommend that you examine each one separately without mentioning each presentation separately. There were a lot of sessions on IOT issues and of course Apple vulnerabilities. NSA’s new product, Whatsapp related sessions etc.

In the time remaining from the presentations // when there is no presentation that attracts my attention, we complete the first day by visiting the booths in the business Hall, where there are quite a lot of security manufacturer companies, the Black Hat Arsenal where the demos of the security vehicles are made, and the Black Hat NOC room following the cyber attacks. On the second day, the activity continues between 9 and 6, but the booths are between 10 and 17.

There are a lot of draws on the second day in the booths, I especially recommend not to miss it towards the last hours 😊

You can also visit the booths to listen to new security products and watch their demos.

They serve the giveaways in front of each booth. (Even if you do not want to) If the purpose of the service is to read your card, after returning your card, when it returns to your country, mail rain comes to your information.

Coming to the end of a nice event and saying we have survived the full jet-lag as we came again, we set off on a long journey and take the road of our country.

It was a great experience to listen to useful presentations, to see new products and to understand new trends, and to add a lot of experience to yourself by meeting new people and sharing information. Dream to meet in 2020 Black Hat 😊



Sr.Penetration Tester | Bug Bounty Hunter | MBA | OSCP | OSWP | CRTO | eMAPT | eWPTX | CEH Master | ISO 27001 LA | ICS | Security Test Manager / Synack

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Ömür Uğur

Sr.Penetration Tester | Bug Bounty Hunter | MBA | OSCP | OSWP | CRTO | eMAPT | eWPTX | CEH Master | ISO 27001 LA | ICS | Security Test Manager / Synack